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Getting to Know You...All About You

Do you have business friends on your Christmas list, and you're stuck on what to get them this year? Why not bless them with workspace?!? That's right, you can gift your business buddies with time away from home, to truly get work done uninterrupted. OR, maybe they're needing a more professional setting to meet with their clients. OR, maybe they're needing meeting space for their team. Whatever the case, you'd be offering a GREAT gift with one of our gift certificates. Because we're passionate about small businesses, we'll even throw in a FREE workday for you, just for being an awesome village. Contact us TODAY, for your purchase!

I have a question? How well does your customer know you, the person behind your brand? Consumers are all about connection. They want to know that you're just like them, or at least understand them. Customers want to know your story, the person they are looking to support. Nosey, right? Wrong lol! The customer's hard-earned dollars that would possibly go into your entity, is a part of that BIG connection. Put yourself in their shoes. What satisfaction are you looking for when making a purchase from a certain brand? What morals and values do you appreciate from a company, that makes you feel safe to offer up those coins? It's all about RELATIONSHIP; being relational. As a business, you would want relationships with both regular and potential customers to go beyond sales. You want them to think of your products and services as a movement. So much so, that they'd tell the world about you without hesitation. Clueless on what to share as your story? First of all, let's be genuine and sincere with it, but here are some examples of things to share: a major life challenge that you overcame, which led to your reasoning of starting a business, or how about changes that you want to see within the community, and how your services can kick it off. Business tip of the day: be sure to share your story throughout EVERY element used to connect with customers/clients (website, social media, when public speaking, etc).

Don't forget, Nov 27th is National Small Business Saturday. We're having our 1st Annual Small Business Saturday Extravaganza. Mark your calendar for a GREAT TIME. Our DJ will be spinning some tunes, we've got a raffle item with your name on it (I'm hoping anyway lol), and there will be over 20 local businesses to connect with it. This family-friendly event is free admission. Feel free to spread the word! See you there!

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