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Things Are Getting Crowded

Guess what??? We've got two new tenants at Cafe Biz (yep, we're cheesing over here)! Here's the feedback that we gathered from the business owner's who were looking for space: "I'm outgrowing my current location," and "I needed to see new walls!" Is that you?? Is business booming so much so (and CONGRATS by the way; that's a GREAT "problem" to have), that you're needing more space? Are you experiencing that "wfh abuse" (LOL) described in last week's edition? At Cafe Biz, our private, furnished offices, provide ample space to get the biggest of jobs completed. Contact our manager for more info, and to take your personal tour!

We have a Tuesday business tip for ya; an area close and dear to our hearts: be CONSISTENT within your customer service. Relationships with your customers are crucial for your business. The lack of, will break your entity. Have a clear understanding on WHO your customer is, what he/she is looking for, and how you can inspire them to patronize you again. So what do you do to accomplish this? Formulate best practices that will delight your clientele; keeping them coming back for more!

We have a BIG DAY tomorrow: our rescheduled Ribbon Cutting (all smiles). We'd love for you to be our guests. There will be a short and sweet ceremony, light refreshments, personal tours of our facility, and raffles (are you feeling lucky???)! You can find the event's information below. Hope to see you there.

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