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The 618 Biz- "I'm over it!"

We're sure that many of you are "over it" with your current co-workers: the puppy, the 2 yr old wanting to be held on the hour, and let's not mention the teenager in the "office" down the hall, screaming at the video game that they're playing online with friends (SIGH). "Relocating," for the sake of sanity, is pivotal. Shared/co-working spaces, are so BENEFICIAL for this type of "work abuse" LOL. At Cafe Biz, we offer drop-in workspace, private offices, as well as dedicated desks, that will allow you to breeeeathe while truly getting things done. Did we mention FREE refreshments while you work! Contact us for more info.

So what's this Tuesday's business tip (we know that you live for these, as we live to share the knowledge)??? DRUM ROLL....Utilize your SOCIAL MEDIA (we're not shouting, but we're shouting)!! Be creative in your content, and most importantly, engage with your audience in a meaningful way; you want people to interact with your brand (shares/retweets, comments, likes, followers, clicks, mentions, and use of your hashtags (oh, you don't have a unique hashtag?? Better get you one (insert the "momma" face here)).

We missed you at this month's "Blues Night," or did we? If you came, we enjoyed ya! If you couldn't make it this time around, no prob, as you can catch The CLICK Band (or other special performing guests) the last Sunday of every month. Check out these cuties who were jamming at the bar, then had to take a selfie against our inspiration wall.

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